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I love the Psalms of The Bible. They speak to my heart. The author spoke with great passion in these chapters, holding nothing back. The expression is honest and emotional. It speaks of life and his love for God. David was a man "after God's own heart". A man who pursued God, and when he failed in that pursuit, always came back to pleading with God for help and forgiveness, admitting that he could not live life on his own. A man who was terribly flawed—as we all are. He loved God and expressed his short-comings and more importantly, admitted that he needed Gods help—as we all do. God blessed him because of that. God gave him strength to defeat giants.


Because of this, I wanted to find out what were peoples favorite Psalms. Passages that best expressed what was in their heart. I took their favorite passages—their "My Favorite Psalms—and started to record them in a form that, first, I can listen to for my growth and encouragement. Then maybe you can enjoy in the same way.


As a lover of cinema scores, I used background music that moves me emotionally. (I know on this point, that many will say I followed a Hollywood model that detracts from the power of the text and that the original intent of the music composer will conjure images of the movie itself. Well, it doesn't do that for me. What it does do for me is build on the emotions that the composer intended, and not necessarily the picture. When I read Revelation 19:11-16 and Christ and the armies of heaven following him riding on a white horse return…well, the theme to The Magnificent Seven kept playing in my head. No apologies. It happens to ME in MY creative head.)


I found that I am greatly encouraged every day as I work on this. More than that, I am being changed. This is an on-going project for me. One that will be part of my legacy when I am no longer around to personally narrate to my family and their families.


To scroll through the videos, click on the left or right arrows, then click on the play button in the lower left corner of the video. Hope you enjoy these and that they bless your day.

By the way, this is not for material gain or profit in any way.​

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