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Yabo Obien, VO/Singer/Pianist

An accomplished pianist, vocalist, and VO actor, Yabo brings all those skills and talents to bear in interpreting notes and words on a page. Nationally recognized in interpretation of oral literature, an alumnus of Walt Disney Imagineering in technology and Disney Entertainment in music, his passion for the arts is evident in every genre. The combination of technology, musicianship and knowledge of literature brings depth and presence to each voiceover performance. His clients inlude Hulu, Dupont, Corning, Toyota, Lifelock, Time Magazine Online, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, The University of British Columbia, Johns Hopkins University, Glock Firearms,, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, CNN/Avianca, U.S. Dept. of the Interior National Park Service museums, to name a few. 


Kaitlin Obien, VO/Singer

An actress with credits onstage as a singer and cast member of NBC's "Mr. Robinson" to stage performances in "The Passion Play" to Universal Studios song and dance performances of Happy at the Minion opening—Kaitlin carries on the family tradition of oratory, acting, and musical excellence. A bonified YouTube pop artist singer/player with thousands of followers, her fluency in accents and characters astound. She is currently a theater arts major with an emphasis in American Sign Language in the Arts.

Yabo Obien's Resume

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